Travel for the Soul

because without seeing over your self built fence how do you know how green your own grass grows

Mind, body and soul are important to me and all need attention from yourself to feel balanced and centred. Travel is definitely food for the soul in so many ways. For some travel can be just to head to warmer climate and be surrounded by familiarity. Although I personally wouldn’t call that travelling for the soul some times a change is as good as a break. I’m certainly not snobby about travel which I feel can be common in seasoned traveller circles.

The most cringe worthy for me being a gap year back packer who has stayed in hostels around Australia feeling superior to a family that go to Florida every year. They are both sides of the same coin, both knowing what to expect and unlikely to experience cultural diversity. This is where I see true travel or the part that fills your soul. Experiencing other ways of doing things can only be a positive for personal growth. Being exposed to new cuisine, religions, social graces and fashion all adds to you as a person.

Traveling in and around different cultures has never been more important in a world that is polarising itself day by day. People living in echo-chambers surrounding them self with other opinions that never challenge their own and worse still being offended when any new idea is presented to them. Travel immerses you in alternative ways of living that work for them. Even if the travel only affirms opinions you previously held it has been worth it, because without seeing over your self built fence how do you know how green your own grass grows.

Some advice I would give to the least adventurous out there with regards travel is to always seek the genuine local experience. I’m not saying spend all day every day with your family living like a local but even if it’s an afternoon searching for a local restaurant that wasn’t suggested at your hotel or some markets you passed in the hire car from the airport. Breath it in and remember the experience the people you are mixing with on this occasion are probably never going to get the opportunity to do this in your world.

For me my next travel will be to the Philippines, Cebu island to be exact which prior to booking I had no knowledge of what so ever. The location was picked for me in one way or another but it seems as if it was meant to be as I have had a bucket list adventure to swim with Whale Sharks my whole life, where this is possible in Cebu. My girlfriend and I plan to get a place on the island for a month, she is using the time to work and me…… well I’m not sure. I do know I am now fixed on my years goal I have mentioned in previous blogs, so I will use this time to formulate the strategy on achieving the goal.

For some reason I am reluctant to write what my goal is, I have no idea why that reluctance is within me. It’s not like anyone could jump in my brain and take it nor may they wish to. Maybe its the feeling of putting myself out there on a creative pursuit that has been a long time dream but I have never brought to reality. It could be just insecurities of failure that lie within us all, I am going to have a closer look at myself on why I am so coy around this.

But anyway the ramblings of today are certainly based on happy thoughts, travel is good for you soul, sometimes letting others pick the destination may enhance your own journey and just having the intention of setting a goal with time and effort can create one.