Time and Distance

When two people are so in tune with one another that time ceases to exist and distance separates this bond the two people can feel energy loss

This morning I have been thinking a lot on time and distance. How much they affect us and the relationships we hold. Time considered by some to be a concept that and that when most describe time they are actually describing decay. For instance we may say 8 years have passed but that is relative to our planet and describes the natural functions that have occurred on this planet. The first thing that comes to mind is our personal age, but are we just describe our point of decay?

Anyway cleverer people than me have written some interesting stuff on this if you wanted to check it out I would suggest Biocentrism by Bob Berman and Robert Lanza.

We need some way of describing what we perceive as time so I guess what we have works. But it got me thinking on why it goes so quick in moments when you are truly yourself and happy and seems so long when you’re unsettled and unhappy. This is amplified in relationships which almost seems cruel don’t you think? Would we not switch the paradox if we could?

A person close to me describes a lot of this with energies we have, she says that when two people’s energies align the time almost doesn’t exist as you are being your true self. I like her explanation as it can fit into the science theory associated with time. I like when spirituality and science cross over something about this for me is when we get closest to understanding the human condition.

I think this may be the reason distance between two people in relationships can be tricky. When two people are so in tune with one another that time ceases to exist and distance separates this bond the two people can feel energy loss. This is how I describe it of course but some would simply say they are missing one another. I don’t think that is an accurate assessment however because if it was simply missing one another why can other emotions appear such as resentment, anger and insecurities. The theory I have been considering today is in fact these feelings are your body telling you that energy is missing a counterpart.

How to close the distance and supply the energy that person you are away from is something I’m still working on. Any suggestions are welcome on this, finding a way to close that gap that opens would make the world a happier place.

Distance and time combined can make you feel alone and question yourself as a person. This to me is the most interesting part as all of these things are our own emotions and thoughts, we control them. So why do we let ourselves give into time and distance, a lot will be in our self-conscious and beyond immediate control. But I personally am going to try some brain exercises the next time a negative emotion arrives in my body where I sit reflect on that it is me giving myself this thought and not the distance or the time.

Maybe most negative emotions can be conquered by keeping hold of the knowledge that we make ourselves sad and we create anger. Outside inputs only influence our decision-making but how we interpret this input can only rest on our shoulders. I speak as if I am some zen master but in reality this is something I am working on as part of a continuous improvement ethos.