Goal Setting

At the moment life growth is the most important part of this goal, but what that looks like has still to materialise. And thats ok!

Setting goals is very is so January right?

Well for most that’s all it seems to be, I am someone who has always set goals of sorts. Normally they are achievable smaller goals such as a certain amount of gym activity to be reached such as a bench press to be reached or a run time. Or something I kept up with last year of listening to one new album every week to keep me down with the kids, I would actually recommend this as the constant influx of new stimulation certainly had my brain firing.

But this year I want to think bigger, having still yet to quite fully sculpt the idea out of the lump of clay  laid out. The important thing with this analogy is I have the lump of clay, I want a goal of bigger proportion than usual. At the moment life growth is the most important part of this goal, but what that looks like has still to materialise. And that’s ok! Putting pressure or a timescale on something so important could actually hinder this.

I have always been an ideas guy, spouting thoughts to anyone who will listen so turning this potential energy into kinetic energy is the next step. Using the creative side of my brain is important I know this much, in fact this blog is part of my step towards helping increase my creative activity.

So what are you doing together yourself in 2018?

I have set big goals for myself in the past and achieved them so I do have some advice:

  • Split your big goal into smaller achievable chunks
  • Give yourself timescales for each chunk
  • Then work your arse off to complete each one
  • Always keep in mind the long-term Goal

If you miss a target don’t worry as if you are taking small steps it means you are still moving.  An example I can give is when I wanted to pass my International Safety Diploma (Bachelors Equivalent) while still working full-time in a diplomatic role. To look at this as one complete task would be over whelming.  So I broke what it would take to do this and asked myself how can I squeeze the time required into my life. The smallest goal each day would be to fit in 1 hours reading or study, followed by a monthly goal of 25 days within the month of that 1 hour and my 6 month goal would be to finish a module of the study. Before I knew it 2 years had passed and I had graduated, the feeling of goal setting and achieving can not be understated.

Motivation is of course the wind in the sail of any achievement and if you have committed to a goal you are already en route to your destination. How do you stay in the same mind-set and keep the same levels of motivation throughout. I personally have some techniques depending on my goal, I always find it motivating to listen to motivated people. I would have to suggest a couple of podcasts at this point where I draw a lot of motivation from. If my goal is business or career related I find listening to the James Altucher Podcast a godsend due to his array of guests who give so many insights on their versions of success. As I have been wanting to flex my creative muscles of late I have been listening to Adam Buxton who interviews a wide range of performers from authors to actors.

You may know the two people I have mentioned but if you don’t I urge you to take a look I fail to see how these could not add value you to your life. This word value is also very important when achieving goals, spending time on things that don’t add value will affect when and if you achieve those goals. This doesn’t mean drop all the things like your favourite TV show or stop going to support your favourite team. If these are how you recharge you batteries then these are adding value to your life and ultimately your goal. But if you look back on your last two weeks and all of your free time has been spent channel surfing on your sofa, maybe you should ask yourself what value this had added.

The most popular goal I hear being spoke of in January is of course weight loss or fitness based. The same rules apply in regards techniques in my opinion small achievable chunks that lead to your goal. For me fitness has always been an important part of my weekly routine so my fitness goals are less about weight loss more about an activity or achievement. What I will say on weight loss which seems to be rarely spoke about is weight is lost in the kitchen not the gym. Sort your diet out and the weight will fall off, if you are looking for good fat loss results I would take a look at the No Sugar No Grain lifestyle championed by Vinnie Tortorich. If ever I want to lose any pounds I use this lifestyle as it isn’t to restrictive and it WORKS.

I am always trying to improve physically and mentally as a person so if you have any suggestions on goal setting or motivation please get in touch on here or via social media via @siratkinson.