Continuous Improvement in Your 30’s

I didn’t however think I would be childless, divorced and still deciding on which country to live. Some of you may read that last sentence with dread or probably don’t relate because you are in fact married parents settled in your country of choice.

This is my first blog ever wrote in Perth Western Australia visiting my brother reflecting on 2017, the good and the bad. I decided to write a blog for Three reasons:

  • As part of a personal 2018 push to spend more time on creative outputs
  • I wish to continually improve as a person, so hopefully I will read some of my own advice and use it for once.
  • I have found that over the years my friends from all around the globe will use me for advice. Hopefully this means I can be of some use to you.

Side note – I feel I have a good grasp on the world but not always a perfect grasp on the english language. I mean it is my mother tongue and I am a native so all my blog should be more than legible but I am also northern and majored in International Safety not English Literature.

So Lets Begin……..

Wow 34 how did this happen, the obvious things I saw creep up on me I suppose the move from clubs to pubs and more recently houses for socialising, ear hair and the constant wedding invitation reply saga. I didn’t however think I would be childless, divorced and still deciding on which country to live. Some of you may read that last sentence with dread or probably don’t relate because you are in fact married parents settled in your country of choice.

Life has a strange way of keeping you on your toes, just when you thought that’s me settled BOOM drastic changes happen. Now I have never been someone who fears change in actual fact I revel in it in most cases. My career path reads something like wannabe Footballer, Student, Fireman, Diplomat, Business Owner to me currently working in TV advising journalists on safety. It’s generally the changes outside of our control which cause anxiety or stress. For me this has been things like break ups, fraud on my business, cheese (odd phobia to have I know) or falling short.

So being in control of your own destiny is one the keys to happiness, but what does that mean?

Mind, Body and Soul are three words that are used together for a reason.

Educate yourself, if that means reading a book or watching a documentary just make sure you are absorbing information.

Keep fit and healthy, it has been long since proven that exercise has positive side effects. Keeping the weight off will not only make you more confident it will also keep you away from the doctors so it’s a no brainer.

Soul is a trickier nut to crack due to its subjectivity, for me this could be anything from a game of football to writing a poem. The important part being due something, anything.

Own your own problems victim-hood serves no one but the oppressor, life isn’t fair at times accept that. Most of us were not born into money or with IQ’s of 200 but that doesn’t mean you can’t win at life. You may need to worker harder than some to achieve the same outcome so just accept that and get on with it.

Be part of your community, this can be anything from volunteering to supporting a sports team. Most differences between people become meaningless when you see someone as an equal and not an outsider.  I am a firm believer that all life is connected and humans are part of the environment not the owners of it. Drop your prejudices you will find the energy it saves can be used for greater things that bring you happiness.

Surround yourself with positive people, this for me is something that I had to learn and in fact I’m still learning. Negativity is seriously a weight around the neck that plays to our worse traits such as jealousy, anger, narcissism and self loathing. Become a positive person that energy you produce will serve you well short and long-term.

Accept you will be wrong and learn from it, non of us want to be wrong in fact it hurts little when we are. If you do see an error in your ways accept your behaviour, language or actions need to change in order to improve as a person.

Dont place yourself in an echo chamber, if you don’t like a view or an opinion listen to it and don’t hide from it. It’s ok to disagree with someones views but that I promise you that if you do not shelter yourself from them views you will learn something.

The above ramblings are what came to mind when I decided I wanted to write a blog and have certainly worked on ensuring I am a positive happy person. I plan in future to talk about other more specific subjects that I have opinions on which is vastly ranged. I literally have interests in everything from boxing to impressionism so can’t see me being short on thoughts.

If you wish to contact please feel free or give me a follow on social media using @siratkinson


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